DCYC is a new youth dance competition. Our mission is to serve as a conduit to young dancers aspiring to a career in dance and to be a bridge from competition dance to mainstream professional dance. We accomplish this through education, training, counseling, mentorship and exposure to professional, world renowned teachers, directors and judges.

Company directors and choreographers will participate in the judging as well as the career path training for talented youth competitors. This exposure will serve as a path for young students to visualize and conceptualize the many career options there are for dancers in this booming period of dance in our country. 

When and Where:        BIG NEWS!  

            DCYC is going National in 2019! We are postponing the 2018 dates to prepare for DCYC 2019. Stay tuned for the exciting changes to our regional competitions. For more info call 513-871-0914

First Round -  Final Rounds of the competition are held February 16,17,18 2018  the Jarson Kaplan Theater at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dancers who are successful in the First round move on to the Final Round on Sunday February 18, 2018  also at the Jarson Kaplan Theater 

DSC 4299-1

Sara Benson - Outstanding Award


There are two divisions at DCYC:

The Classical Ballet Division and The Open Dance Division

Solo/Variations, Ensemble dances and Pas de Deux/Duets Categories: Each Division, Classical and Open Dance, has a Solo/Variation Category, a Duet/Pas de Deux Category and an Ensemble Category (3 or more). Average age of group pieces will determine ensemble age category. Ranking by age category will be awarded in the First Round and top groups earning above 80 points will move on to the Final Round. In the Final Round judges will rank by overall score. 

Any dancer is welcome to compete with as many entries in both divisions. Individual applications will be necessary for each entry.

Costumes are not required but welcome. The dancer/s will not be penalized for not wearing a costume.


Age Categories - must be specified age by January 1 of 2018. Proof with birth certificate must be submitted with registration.

9-11 Boys and girls compete in same age category (pointe not required)

12-14 Boys and girls compete in same age category (girls must compete on pointe for the Classical Ballet Division)

15-18 Boys and girls compete separately (depending on number entries). Girls must compete on pointe for the Classical Ballet Division.

19-23 Men and women compete separately. Women must compete on pointe for the Classical Ballet Division.

9-23 Non-Competing Category - Those dancers that want the experience of a competition but are not yet ready for the competitive world. Constructive corrections and advice will be offered.

*The age categories are the same in both Classical and Open Dance Divisions.

**DCYC reserves the right to combine age categories based on the number of entries.

Classical Ballet Division 

Solo Category:  Each dancer must compete in a classical solo variation from the DCYC repertory list. (See DCYC repertory list). The dancer can enter as many solo variations as she/he wants in the First Round. In the Finals, the dancer can only compete in the solo(s) she/he qualified for in the First Round.

Classical Pas de Deux:  - Each couple must compete with a pas de deux chosen from the DCYC Repertory List (See DCYC Repertory list). 

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Carly Herman - Outstanding Award

Dancers age 12-18 who compete with a pas de deux will only compete with the adagio section of the pas de deux. Ages 19–23 must compete with an adagio, variation and coda. Women/girls 12-23 must compete on pointe for the pas de deux competition. 

Open Dance Division (Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Music Theater Dance)

 The Open Dance Division is open to a variety of dance forms and shows the dancers’ versatility, featuring an aspect of the participant as a performer that they particularly value. They may select any type of music. Lyrics are allowed but no explict language. We ask that the costume is discretionary and age appropriate.


Master Classes are an integral part of the competition and are required for all participants.

All Teachers registered on their school’s website will receive a Complimentary Pass to observe the Master Classes.

Workshops may include classes such as: Classical Ballet Master Class, Stretch/Extension Master Class, Modern Dance Master Class, Music Theater Dance Master Class, Career Path Seminar

  • Fees for Spectators
  •  All Access Pass- $40.00  This pass gets a parent or observer into every master class and seminar as well as the Final Round.
  • First Rund of Competition is free and open to anyone.
  • Final Round Ticket - $20.00
  • 1 Coach is allowed an all access pass.