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Master Teacher:  Danil Guilfin

  • The competition is open to dance students of all nationalities 9 - 23 years old. 
  • A participant’s age for DCYC 2017 is strictly determined by age on January 1, 2018.  Proof with birth certificate must be submitted with registration.
  • Participants may enter the competition as a solo contestant, duet/pas de deux, as part of an ensemble group, or all of the above. 
  • Participants may enter the competition representing a school or as an independent participant. 
  • Professional dancers are not permitted to compete. (A professional dancer is defined by DCYC as anyone who is employed as a full-time dancer with a professional dance company on a yearly contract that engages the dancer at least 26 weeks per year.) This also includes dancers who are not currently employed under such contract, but have been in the past. Unpaid apprentices/trainees are welcome and encouraged.
  • To be eligible to participate in the DCYC Finals, dancers must be selected from DCYC First Round.
  • Selection for the DCYC Finals must be the same solo or ensemble dance that was competed and accepted in the First Round.
  • DCYC reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of the participants’ performances during the competition for promotional purposes. 
  • Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will be closed when each age category and division is full. 
  • DCYC has the right to refuse any application at its discretion. 
  • All solo participants in the Junior and Senior age categories have a choice of performing in one or both of the following divisions:
    • Classical Ballet (variation/pas de deux must be chosen from the Classical Repertoire List)
      • Dancers age 12-18 who compete with a pas de deux will only compete with the adagio section of the pas de deux. Ages 19–23 must compete with an adagio, variation and coda. Women/girls 12-23 must compete on pointe for the pas de deux competition. 
    • Open Division (this category includes any solo, duet or ensemble piece that is not taken from the Classical Repertoire List and shows the participants’ versatility, featuring an aspect of the participant as a performer that they particularly value. All forms of dance are accepted, including but not limited to tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary, folk/ethnic, music theater dance, etc). 
  • Pre-Teen Participants (9-11) are not restricted to the suggested choreographic list, but may dance age and skill appropriate choreographed pieces, which will be performed in the Open Division, or a Classical Division. 
  • Master Classes are an integral part of the DCYC competition and are required for all participants. The cost of the master classes are included in the Registration Fee. 
  • All teachers registered on their school’s website will receive a Complimentary Access Pass to observe Master Classes and Final Round. 

                      Dance Therapist Jacqui Has discussing injury prevention

Age Categories

A participant’s age for DCYC 2018 competition is determined strictly as of January 1, 2018.

Pre-Teen Division 9 -11 years old 

Junior  Division 12 - 14 years old

Senior Division 15 -18 years old

Apprentice Division 19-23 years old 

Non-Competitive Division: Those dancers that want the experience of a competition but are not ready yet for the competitive world. Constructive corrections and advice will be offered.

DCYC reserves the right to combine age categories based on the number of entries.

Time Limits 

  • Classical Variation/Open Dance Solo:  2:30 max 
  • Duets/Pas de Deux:    
    • Duets: 5:00 max
    • Adagio only (Preliminary and Semifinal Rounds) 5:00 max
    • Adagio and Coda- no variation (Final Round) 7:00 max
  •  Ensembles: 5:00 max

Repertory List

Note: Required list for Junior, Senior, and Apprentice Participants. All copyright negotiations are the responsibility of each participant.

Ballet (Composer/Choreographer)

  • Coppelia (Delibes/St. Leon) Pas de Deux, all Variations 
  • Diana & Acteon (Pugni/Vaganova) Pas de Deux and Variations 
  • Don Quixote (Minkus/Petipa) All Pas de Deux, Act I, Act II and Act III Variations, All Kitri's Variations and Queen of the Dryads 
  • Etudes (Czerny/Lander) Ballerina's Variation
  • Fairy Doll (Drigo/Legat) 
  • Flower Festival at Genzano (Helsted/Bournonville) Pas de Deux and all Variations 
  • Giselle (Adam/Perrot, Coralli) Variation of Giselle, Act I Peasant Pas de Deux, Pas de Deux Variation from Act II 
  • Grand Pas Classique (Auber/Gsovsky) Pas de Deux and Variations 
  • Harlequinade (Drigo/Petipa) Pas De Deux and Variations 
  • La Bayadere (Minkus/Petipa) Three Shade Variatons, Act III; Gamzatti Variation, Pas de Deux and Variations, Bronze Idol,
  • Nikia Pas de Deux (Please note: Nikia Vairiation is not accepted for competition, unless under 2:30 minutes.) 
  • La Esmeralda (Pugni/Petipa) Pas de Deux and Variations 
  •  La Fille Mal Gardee (Hertel/Nijinska, Romanoff) Pas de Deux and Variations 
  • La Sylphide (Lovenskjold/Bournonville) Pas de Deux and Variations 
  •  Le Corsaire (Adam, Drigo/Petipa) Pas d'Esclave and Variations, Odalisques Variations, Jardin Anime, Act III  Pas de Deux and Variations 
  • Les Sylphides/Chopiniana (Chopin/Fokine) Male and Female Mazurkas, Waltz # 7 and Waltz # 11, Prelude 
  • Napoli (Paulli/Bournonville) Pas de Six and Variations 
  • Paquita (Minkus/Petipa) Any Variation (Please note: Paquita Etoile, is not accepted for competition, unless under 2:30 minutes) 
  • Raymonda (Glazunov/Petipa) All Variations 
  • Satanella (Pugni/Petipa) Pas de Deux and Variations 
  • Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky/Petipa, Ivanov) Pas de Trois and Variations, Odette's Variation, Act II Black Swan Pas de Deux and Variations 
  • The Flames of Paris (Asafiev/Vainonen) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • Le Talisman Variations
  • The Nutcracker Suite (Tchaikovsky/Vainonen) Pas de Deux and Variations 
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky/Petipa) Variations of Fairies, Aurora's Variations from Act I and Act II (under 2:30 minutes), Blue Bird Pas de Deux and Variations, Wedding Pas de Deux and Variations. (Please note: Aurora Variation from  Act I is not accepted for competition, unless under 2:30 minutes)



The scoring system consists of two aspects: artistic and technical, each evaluated on a 100-point system. The combined score from each individual judge is the average between technical and artistic marks. The total score is an average taken of all the scores issued by all judges for that particular performance.

Eligibility for Selection to the DCYC  Finals

  • Any score above 85 points in each age category will move on to the Finals for Solos and Group.
  • In DCYC Finals, all competitors may only dance the choreography with which they passed in the First Round. If a competitor has more than one solo that scores 85 or above, then they are only allowed to compete with one solo in the Finals at the discretion of the judges.


  • The Grand Prix Award is presented to a dancer in any age category, who according to the DCYC jury panel, has exceeded all other dancers in their age category in both the Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance Divisions. There might not always be a Grand Prix awarded each year.
  • Male and female participants in all age categories will compete separately. If there are less than 6 male participants in any age category, male and female participants will not compete separately, and a separate Best Male Dancer Award may be presented at the discretion of the jury. 
  • DCYC reserves the right to combine age categories based on the number of entries.


  • All music should be submitted via email in an MP3 format to or sent via dropbox at this link by February 1,2017. In the subject line of each email (one piece of music/dance per email) it should read: PT or Junior or Senior or Apprentice, Ensemble, Classical or Contemporary, Last Name, First Name or Name of School, "Title of Piece", Running Time. 
  • A backup CD must be kept available at all times by each participant and/or their representative. 
  • Participants must notify the sound technician or DCYC backstage manager of any irregularities in the music (any pauses, sudden volume changes, etc.)
  • You may select any type of music. Lyrics are allowed but no explict language please.
  • Please be aware of time limits per type of entry. Any music exceeding the limit may be disqualified. 


  • All changes submitted later than 2 weeks before the competition will be subject to a $25.00 change fee. 
  • Deadline for emailing online Music Mp3 submission is February 1, 2018. There will be a late Fee of $25.00 applied after that date.
  • All fees must be paid before registration at the First and Finals Rounds.
  • Submissions for DCYC Finals are due on the morning of Sunday, February 18


Refunds are issued only in case of an injury with a deduction of $25 processing fee. All injuries should be reported to DCYC personnel immediately by the participant, parent or teacher. All refund requests must be accompanied by a physician’s note.  Injured dancers may still prticipate in master classes and seminars included in the registration fee. Competition fee refunds will be returned at the direction of DCYC. No refunds will be given for injury during the competition.

Returned Check Fees 

All checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $35.00 fee.